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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

How Stupid Can You Be?

Unbelievable appearance of Nicolas Sarkozy at the G8 summit, after a little private "talk" with Vladimir Putin.
The dude is awesome!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Methods Of Reading

* Subvocalized reading combines sight reading with internal sounding of the words as if spoken. It can be a bad habit that slows reading and comprehension, if applied to all reading material, but it can also be essential for reading things like poetry or transcripts of oral speeches.
* Speed reading is a collection of methods for increasing reading speed without an unacceptable reduction in comprehension or retention. closely connected to speed learning.
* Proofreading is a kind of reading for the purpose of detecting typographical errors. One can learn to do it rapidly, and professional proofreaders typically acquire the ability to do so at high rates, faster for some kinds of material than for others, while they may largely suspend comprehension while doing so, except when needed to select among several possible words that a suspected typographic error allows.
* Structure-Proposition-Evaluation (SPE) method, popularized by Mortimer Adler in How to Read a Book, mainly for non-fiction treatise, in which one reads a writing in three passes: (1) for the structure of the work, which might be represented by an outline; (2) for the logical propositions made, organized into chains of inference; and (3) for evaluation of the merits of the arguments and conclusions. This method involves suspended judgment of the work or its arguments until they are fully understood.
* Survey-Question-Read-Recite-Review (SQ3R) method, often taught in public schools, which involves reading toward being able to teach what is read, and would be appropriate for instructors preparing to teach material without having to refer to notes during the lecture.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

WoW Addict

Look here a lad, which has destroyed his youngster life, by playing World Of Warcraft. He dismiss that he`s addict to the game, and he is saying that he could stop it whenever he likes. But maybe you should see him

South Park

South Park is an Emmy Award-winning[1] American animated television comedy series about four third/fourth-grade school boys who live in the small mountain town of South Park, Colorado. The series was created and is written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and has been distributed and aired by Comedy Central since 1997. It is well-known for its handling of current events and its pop-culture parody.

Since its premiere on August 13, 1997, 160 episodes have been created and animated over eleven seasons. One more season is planned, with an option for renewal at the end of Season 12. In recent years, each season has been aired in two halves, in Spring and in Autumn. The eleventh season began airing on March 7, 2007. The first half of the eleventh season ended on April 18, 2007. It is scheduled to begin again on Wednesday, October 3, 2007.

Is Meat Good?

Meat is animal tissues used as food.
Meat is very good because for it`s protein, but many says that in fact, eating meat, is a slow but surely death.
Meat is prepared in many ways: as stakes, in soupe or dry meat, but not all methods are healthy. In order to keep it good for taste it isn`t recommended to put it in the fridge for too long. Best it to cook with fresh raw meat.
If you are pointing to a high number of protein, but you don`t want to eat meat, you should take a look at the beans. They have as most protein as meat, but they make farts, which aren`t very cool.

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